Unity Development — WebGL

If you have a projects that you want to show the world, you could make a build for PC/Mac and send it to people. Possibly have a place where they could download it for themselves. If you want to build your portfolio and simply want a place where anyone can play your game, you could always use the web.

There is a special type of build in Unity called WebGL. This will create a special type of build that gives you an index in HTML. This allows you to use the build to have the game itself be playable on a web server.

Just like when making any windowed resolution for a build, with WebGL you’ll have to determine the size of the game when hosted on a web page. There is also a template for how you want it to appear on the outside.

One your build is made, you’ll have to check with your web hoster about how to integrate it into an actual website. Itch.io makes this very easy, but it may be more challenging when making a website yourself.




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Christopher Graf

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