Unity Development — Importing Assets

As a developer, may not have the time, skills, or desire to make your own artistic assets. Sometimes it is just not viable to you. There are plenty of places to find or purchase some proper assets for your project.

Unity has its own Asset Store that you can use to find a huge number of models, sound effects, sprites, materials, and much more. For today’s example, however, I am going to give a special shoutout to GameDevHQ and their Filebase. If you have enjoy this article or any other aspect of my work, be sure to check out GameDevHQ. They have been a huge part of my Unity Developer Journey.

If you join up with GameDevHQ, you will automatically have access to their Filebase, but you can also go to filebase.gamedevhq.com to download it directly. You may not have access to all of the assets though.

Whether it is Filebase or Unity’s Asset Store, you will have access in your Unity Editor, so you can proper import these assets to your game. Inside of the Filebase, we can look for something specific, like a humanoid character to represent the player.

We can choose any one of these or a whole array of others to choose from. Once you’ve made your choice, you can do again and click on it.

Click the ‘Download’ button and you’ll be able to import it into your game.

Once the import window comes up, you’ll be able to pick and choose if you don’t want certain aspects, like old folders or anything else. Once you have hit that ‘Import’ button, you will be good to go with your new asset.

Try out GameDevHQ’s Filebase, the Unity Asset Store, or other sources to see what they have to offer and maybe help speed up your next project.