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When you have either finished your game or gotten to a point where you think you might need some other eyes for feedback, there are a few things you could do. Obviously you could get as many people as possible to your home and let them see the game on your computer. I think, however, there is a better solution.

Today we are going to look at making an actual build of your game. One that you can send to people and pick up and play at their leisure, without having to actually open Unity. Once you have tested your project enough times in the Editor, go ahead and open Build Settings.

First, make sure that your Scenes are set up correctly. Would be a mistake if you worked so hard on a scene and you never actually added it to the build at all.

Next, check the Platform. Of course everyone wants their game to be on the latest Nintendo or PlayStation console, but we are still new at this. We are going to start out with the default PC/Mac. It should automatically have the proper target platform, depending on your machine, but you can build to the opposite if you wish.

Hit Player Settings below the platforms. You will see a number of items you can change here to fit your style. You can change the company name and add an icon image if you wish. A little lower, under ‘Resolution’, you will see an option for ‘Fullscreen Mode.’ I would recommend changing this to windowed and making sure you set up the correct aspect ratio. Otherwise, make sure you learn how to allow the player to from Fullscreen mode.

Once you are happy with all of your settings, you can go ahead and hit build. I would also recommend you make a folder and triple check where this build is being sent. Once it is complete, feel free to send it to whoever you like.




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Christopher Graf

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