Unity Developer — Seeing Progress

Christopher Graf
2 min readMay 19, 2021


You’ve prototyped your gameplay with blocks and capsules. You’ve fine tuned everything. You’ve then found art assets and changed your objects to to better suit that art. You playtest again with the art in place. Suddenly, you realize you are playing a game.

That epiphany is certainly a strange feeling. You made this. You should be proud and very impressed with yourself. That sounds like a somewhat arrogant thing to say. Believe me though, if you continue down the game developer path, you will have so much imposter syndrome that you should hold onto feeling like an unstoppable wizard for as long as possible.

Don’t be too worried. Yes, imposter syndrome will pop up all the time, but it is only because you will also get bit of creator serotonin as well. Every new feature, sound effect, art piece, and UI that is added and works will make you feel like a champion of game development.

Take a step back and look at what you’ve made

As with all tough paths, endurance will be key. When you are feeling down or that you’re not sure how to continue, take a step back and look at your game. Just look at it. If you can make, well then what’s to stop you from making anything else in your head.