Unity Developer — Progress Pt. 2

If you have been following the Unity Developer Journey with me, then you have learned so much about game development and this fantastic engine, which makes it all possible. Each piece may have taken some time to grasp, but when it all comes together, the possibilities are endless. Now look at some progress we can make in one day!

I think the first obvious and new change is the ammo counter. We have already use UI Text and calls between the Player and UI Manager to have text dynamically change with the score. Now we are doing it to show an ammo count. When the count gets to 0, the text turns red, giving a clear visual that you are out of ammo.

You may have also noticed the Shield powerup has changed a bit. Now there is multiple levels of the shield. Again, this is indicated visually with a change of colors. It would be best practice to use another indicator, such as a number or sound effect.

While the Speed powerup gives the player a large gain in speed, there are now thrusters that they can use with Left Shift. These increase the speed slightly and add visual thruster flames on the bottom of the ship sprite. Like we have done with the shield, it is a matter of making the Thruster object active.

There are also new powerups that replace your ammo, heal one life, and give you a new weapon. This was all done in one day and with strategies that you have seen and implemented. Tutorials and teachings are great, but developers at some point have to use the knowledge they’ve gained and think of ways they can create new ideas from inside them.

What’s inside of you?



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