Unity Developer — Boss Battle

Boss battles. Love them or hate them (I am part of the former), they are certainly a large part of many games and the history of video games in general. In making a boss battle, there is an opportunity to test players skills and challenge them with unique obstacles.

Depending on the type of boss you are making, you may want to give it a menacing look and entrance. Choosing the art and size is up to you. Obviously bigger can be intimidating for the player. Use the transform.Translate or animations to make the entrance something cool.

After the boss has made a grand entrance, it is time to go back to some of those unique challenges. Just like with other enemies we have made, we are going to code in some attacks. We are also going to randomize multiple attacks, so that way the player is always on their toes.

Once you make special attacks and prefab them, you could randomize them in a switch case like this. Depending on your game, it may also come with different sound effects or even animations.

Remember to play test this boss as much as possible. When doing an end of stage hurdle, you’ll have to find the correct balance to make sure it is not too overwhelming or too easy.

An uncommon obstacle to end a level is usually a good idea in game design. Remember that it does not always have to be a ‘boss battle.’ If your game is wholesome and has no enemies or violence, it could just be a puzzle containing new strategies. Keep this in mind and have fun with it.



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